ProLift was founded in 2000 and quickly became a leading manufacturer of electronic elevator controllers in Israel.

 ProLift's personnel are all elevator industry professionals whith years of experience in hi-tech elevator control systems.

 ProLift develops and manufactures microprocessor-based programmable elevator controllers for all type of elevators.

 ProLift's product range includes various types of controllers, from low cost systems to group control systems. These systems include hydraulic systems single/two speed AC drive & VVVF drives.

 ProLift controllers are certified by the Israeli Standard Institute and are EMC, EN81 & CE Compliant.

 ProLift manufactures a wide range of digital position indicators as complementary accessories, all are programmable for customer's needs.

 Prolift constantly develops new technologies and products, based on advanced and proven components.


25 Hamerkava St. Ind. Zone Holon Israel, P.O.Box 3752 Rosh-Ha'ain Israel
Tel: +972-3-6540500 Fax: +972-3-6540502